m² Development has become a partner of Liberty Bank

m² Development has become a partner of Liberty Bank


A cooperation agreement has been signed between Liberty Bank and m² Development. Within the framework of the cooperation, a special offer of Phase III of "m³ Saburtalo" will be available for Liberty customers.

When buying an apartment with a one-time payment, 1 sq.m will cost 1990 ₾ (equivalent to $ 600). The discount applies to the first 50 apartments..

Within the framework of the cooperation, Liberty customers will be able to buy an apartment in "m³ Saburtalo" under the state mortgage subsidy program (until the end of the year), as well as with improved standard mortgage loan terms. Mortgage application is easily available from Liberty website:  libertybank.ge.

" 𝐦³ Saburtalo " - is located on a 11.5 hectare land plot in the central part of Tbilisi. m3 gives you a unique opportunity to increase your personal space, to live in a free, diverse and comfortable environment,  where an apartment comes with a neighborhoodt. The 𝐦³  concept is tailored to the needs and tastes of modern man. The central part of the district will be occupied by a park, around which a boulevard and a bicycle path will be built. The area will have sports grounds, recreational and entertainment areas, restaurants, cafes, shops, indoor swimming pool, fitness center, school, kindergarten, guest reception and co-work areas.

"We want to enable our customers to enjoy the best conditions in the market, so the partnership with m² is strategically important for us. Until December 31, the state program of mortgage subsidy will be extended to the offer of any partner for those wishing to purchase an apartment. ”- Giorgi Makaridze, Director of Liberty Retail Banking.

"It is welcome to activate Liberty Bank in the field of mortgage loans and we are glad to become the first major partner for them. We have many years of experience in cooperation with banks, mortgage lending program and we hope to have a fruitful cooperation with Liberty Bank, which will bring great success to both parties "- Nikoloz Medzmariashvili, CEO of m² Development


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